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We would normally use a putty knife to clean the paint out of a roller sleeve.  The day I didn't have my putty knife was the day that I came up with the idea for Rolla-wipa.

It took some time to bring Rollawipa to life and with the help of several people Brett was able to bring Rollawipa to market. 

"If you have a closer look you can see that it's actually squeezing the pile rather than scraping it so it's not doing it any damage.

If you get one of these into a tradesman's hands, you'll never get it back again.  They'll use it once and that's it.  They'll love it. They'll realise how much time, water, money and paint it's saving."

Fed up with spending hours cleaning roller sleeves for over 30 years as a professional painter, and worried about watching so much paint literally go down the drain, Brett Stanley knew there was a better way to clean up.

Brett scoured retailers and trade shows for a roller cleaning tool but found nothing that impressed him. He imagined a simple tool that quickly removed and saved as much paint as possible from roller sleeves, as well as having the ability to solve other common painter problems.

Brett set about designing and manufacturing his unique 3-in-1 painter's tool which effectively removes paint from roller sleeves, whilst acting as a handy paint tin opener and stirring stick that gets into the corners of the tin.

You can now buy Rollawipa online here or at hardware stores throughout New Zealand.