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Paint Roller Cleaner by Rolla-wipa

The Rolla-wipa’s unique design offers 3-in-1 functionality by serving as a paint roller cleaner, tin opener, and paint stirrer all at the same time.

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Work smarter and save with the Rolla-wipa

The secret to the Rolla-wipa lies in its simple design. Instead of scraping and damaging your roller sleeve with a putty knife, the Rolla-wipa fits the profile of your paint roller and pushes paint out of the sleeve with easy, downward strokes that prevent damage and allow you to put paint back in the tin and money back in your pocket.

"These are fantastic, even if you don't think there's much left on your roller you'll be amazed using this tool. I always hated cleanup after painting but it's only half as bad as it used to be."

Fiona Hawkes

Forget the mess with the Rolla-wipa

Painting is a messy job even on the best days, and most roller cleaners only make things worse by getting paint all over your hands and clothes. The Rolla-wipa is the tidiest paint roller cleaner on the market - its added length and form-fitting design eliminate mess in the tray and help keep hands and clothes clean of paint. See for yourself today.

"I've been on the sharp end of a brush for 25 years. Yes, I used to use a five in one to do this, then a flexiblade. Now I use a Rolla-wipa every time. It's just better."

Neil Ives

Key Features

  • Saves Paint

    The Rolla-wipa efficiently removes 77%* of paint from any roller sleeve, putting it back in your tin and money back in your pocket while reducing mess and cleanup time.
    * SAI Global tested.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Give Mother Nature a helping hand by keeping paint, water and thinners out of the drain with our paint roller cleaner.

  • 3-in-1 Painters Tool

    Cut back on clutter with the Rolla-wipa, a 3-in-1 tin opener, paint stirrer and roller cleaner to save you time, money and mess.

  • Extends Sleeve Life

    The Rolla-wipa is specifically designed to clean your roller sleeves with as little effort as possible. Say goodbye to scraping and damaging and prolong the life of your roller sleeves.

  • Easy to Clean

    The Rolla-wipa is manufactured from polypropylene, which means it won’t melt when used with solvents or thinners. The curved profile of the roller cleaner matches the profile of your roller sleeve to ensure easy, mess-free cleanup at the end of each day.

  • Easy to Use

    The ergonomic design fits comfortably into your hand to keep them clear of paint.


How will Rolla-wipa save paint?

Most paint roller cleaners simply scrape along the top of the nap, but the unique design of the Rolla-wipa works by pushing paint from the base of the nap and back into your tray where it can be reused instead of washed away down the drain. On a standard roller, this can mean up to 250ml of paint saved - and that’s money back in your pocket.

How will Rolla-wipa save me time?

Our specially designed paint roller cleaner covers more of the sleeve and removes 77%* of paint from the roller, meaning you will spend less time scraping and rinsing.

*S.I.A. Global tested

How will Rolla-wipa save me water?

Because the Rolla-wipa removes more paint from the roller sleeve, you reduce the amount of water needed in the final cleaning.

How will Rolla-wipa save me money?

No other paint roller cleaner offers savings like the Rolla-wipa. By pushing paint out of the sleeve and back into the tin, you’re no longer washing money down the drain, while also extending the life of your roller sleeves by eliminating the rough scraping that wears them out.

Why use a Rolla-wipa instead of a scraper or putty knife?

1. Efficiency.
The straight edge of a putty knife or scraper only makes contact with a very small area of the roller sleeve and turns cleaning your paint roller into a slow and tiresome task. In contrast, the Rolla-wipa is specifically designed to fit the curved profile of a roller sleeve and allows you to clean it with just a few passes.

2. Caring for your roller sleeve and finish.
Using a regular paint roller scraper pulls fibres from the sleeve, causing it to degrade faster and the fibres to find their way onto your painting surface. Rolla-wipa’s curved design is gentle on roller sleeves and works with any pile length or material, improving the longevity of your sleeves and providing a cleaner finish to your painting.

3. Less mess.
Using a regular roller scraper often brings your hand close to the surface of the sleeve and leaves you covered in paint. With the Rolla-wipa, your hands stay clear of the sleeve and clean of paint, meaning less mess and less time wasted at the end of the day.