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"I've been on the sharp end of a brush for 25 years. Yes, I used to use a five in one to do this, then a flexiblade. Now I use a Rolla-wipa every time. It's just better."

Neil Ives

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Why use Rolla-wipa™

Removes excess paint fast and with no damage to the roller.

After removing excess paint, you'll use way less water to clean the roller.

Paint removed is not going down a drain or into Mother Earth, but back in your tin to use later.

Rolla-wipa also opens tins and stirs paint effectively.

Saves paint, time, money and the environment!

It's so easy to use, it's fun!

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"These are fantastic, even if you don't think there's much left on your roller you'll be amazed using this tool. I always hated cleanup after painting but it's only half as bad as it used to be."

Fiona Hawkes

Key Features

  • Saves Paint

    The Rolla-wipa easily removes 77% of paint* from any roller sleeve, saving you money and reducing leftover residue on your hands, clothes and in your work area.
    * SAI Global tested.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Because Rolla-wipa puts all that paint back in your tin, you use less water or thinners to finish the cleaning job.

  • 3-in-1 Painters Tool

    Rolla-wipa can be used to open paint cans, as a stirring stick and it removes paint from rollers effectively.

  • Extends Sleeve Life

    The design utilises natural downward wiping pressure to remove paint, which means no damaging scraping and a longer life for your roller sleeve. Keeping your roller sleeve clean extends it’s life.

  • Easy to Clean

    Manufactured from polypropylene, Rolla-wipa is resistant to thinners and solvents so it's easy to clean.  The tool's unique curved profile matches the profile of your roller, ensuring maximum effectiveness. It works with all sizes of sleeves and pile.

  • Easy to Use

    Ergonomic design fits comfortably into the hand for ease of use, keeping your hands completely clean and free of paint.  


How will Rolla-wipa save paint?

To give an example, from a 270mm roller sleeve with a 10mm nap the excess paint removed from the sleeve by using a Rolla-wipa equates to 200-250ml which can be put back in the tin. The amount saved in this example - Enough paint to cover one side of an average door!

How will rolla-wipa save me time?

Because of Rolla-wipa’s cleverly designed curved profile, it covers more area of the roller sleeve’s circumference, thereby reducing the amount of time it takes to efficiently remove the excess paint. Because Rolla-wipa removes 77%* of the paint from a roller sleeve, time is also saved in the rinsing process.

*S.I.A. Global tested

How will Rolla-wipa save me water?

After using a Rolla-wipa there is a smaller amount of paint left in the roller sleeve to clean out, requiring a lot less water in the cleaning process.

How will Rolla-wipa save me money?

Every time you use Rolla-wipa, the amount of time, water and paint saved equates to a real cash saving.

Additionally, because of Rolla-wipa’s unique patented design of the working edge, paint is squeezed out of the pile of the roller sleeve, as opposed to being scraped out. This means that the fibres in your sleeve are not damaged or pulled out (ending up in your paint). This keeps the sleeve in pristine condition. Regardless of whether you have invested in quality roller sleeves, or you’re using a less expensive option, not having to replace them regularly offers long-term savings.

Why use a Rolla-wipa instead of a scraper or putty knife?

1. Efficiency

The straight blade of a putty knife or scraper only comes into contact with a very small area of the roller sleeve’s circumference, making the task of scraping the paint out slow and laborious.

In contrast, the Rolla-wipa is specifically shaped to fit just under half of a roller sleeve’s circumference. This allows you to apply even pressure over a large area with each pass down the length of the sleeve.

 2. Caring for your roller sleeves and your finish

A putty knife or scraper will scrape the sleeve, pulling out fibres. The loose material ends up in your paint and in turn will end up on your freshly painted surface. Not ideal.

Rolla-wipa’s design incorporates a working edge that is gentle on all roller sleeves, regardless of pile length or material, allowing longevity of the roller sleeve and a clean paint finish.

3. Less mess

The way most people hold and use a putty knife or scraper to clean roller sleeves means that their hands are in close contact with the paint-laden roller. Often this leads to a reasonable amount of paint getting onto your hands.

When you hold a Rolla-wipa your hands are clear of the paint tray, so your hands don’t usually come in contact with the paint.

"That would save 50L of water right there."

Lee Richardson

"Bought one to try and am pretty stoked. Saves a lot of paint getting washed down the drain."

Josh Ingle