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Rolla-wipa: The Easy to Use Paint Roller Cleaner

The Rolla-wipa is a highly efficient solution for painters looking for a quick, easy, and effective way to clean their roller sleeves. It's engineered to remove 77% of excess paint from the sleeve without damaging it, saving you paint, time, and money. 

Trusted and loved by professionals, Rolla-wipa is recognised for its easy use and impressive efficiency in speeding up the cleanup process. Harness the power of Rolla-wipa, and experience a paint roller cleaner that makes a difference in your painting projects and your back pocket.

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  • Saves Paint - 77% of paint goes back in the Tin *SAI Global tested
  • Saves Time - Trusted by Professionals to clean up fast!
  • Saves Money - Waste less paint, extends sleeve life of rollers
  • Easy to Clean - The curved profile ensures easy, mess-free cleanup
  • Unique Patented Design - Works with all roller sizes
  • Made from High Quality Materials - Won’t melt with solvents or thinners
  • Eco Friendly - Less paint, water & thinners down the drain, less sleeves in landfill
  • 3-in-1 Tool - Paint roller cleaner, tin opener, and paint stirrer
  • "If you have a closer look you can see that it's actually squeezing the pile rather than scraping it so it's not doing it any damage.

    If you get one of these into a tradesman's hands, you'll never get it back again. They'll use it once and that's it. They'll love it.

    They'll realise how much time, water, money and paint it's saving."

    - Brett Stanley. Founder.

    Made by a Painter for Painters

    Fed up with spending hours cleaning roller sleeves for over 30 years as a professional painter, and worried about watching so much paint literally go down the drain, Brett Stanley knew there was a better way to clean up.

    Brett scoured retailers and trade shows for a roller cleaning tool but found nothing that impressed him. He imagined a simple tool that quickly removed and saved as much paint as possible from roller sleeves, as well as having the ability to solve other common painter problems.

    Brett set about designing and manufacturing his unique 3-in-1 painter's tool which effectively removes paint from roller sleeves, whilst acting as a handy paint tin opener and stirring stick that gets into the corners of the tin.

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    I've been on the sharp end of a brush for 25 years. Yes, I used to use a five in one to do this, then a flexiblade. Now I use a Rolla-wipa every time. It's just better.

    Ian, Professional Painter
    These are fantastic, even if you don't think there's much left on your roller you'll be amazed using this tool. I always hated cleanup after painting but it's only half as bad as it used to be.

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    See the Rolla-wipa in action:

    Here's why people are making the switch to Rolla-wipa:

    All-In-One Tool for DIY Projects

    If you love taking on DIY painting projects, Rolla-wipa is your new best friend. With its 3-in-1 functionality as a paint roller cleaner, tin opener, and paint stirrer, it's the only tool you need for efficient and hassle-free painting.
    Maximise Efficiency and Savings

    Rolla-wipa extracts up to 77% of paint from roller sleeves, saving you time and reducing paint wastage. Its unique profile effortlessly pushes paint out, putting savings back in your pocket, and leaving you more time to focus on what you love - painting.
    Gentle and Effective Roller Sleeve Cleaning

    Prolong the life of your roller sleeves with Rolla-wipa’s gentle cleaning action. No more scraping and damaging - your roller sleeves will thank you.
    Durable and Solvent-Resistant

    Constructed with rugged polypropylene, Rolla-wipa is resilient and won’t melt with solvents or thinners. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, rely on a tool that's built to last.
    Eco-Friendly Choice

    Made from 100% recycled plastic, Rolla-wipa is committed to reducing environmental impact. By using Rolla-wipa, you are making a conscious choice for a greener future.
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