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Recycled Plastic Rolla-wipa™ 3-in-1 Paint Roller Cleaner

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Rolla-Wipa is a 3-in-1 paint roller cleaner made from 100% recycled plastic. 3-in-1 functionality gives you a tin  opener, paint stirrer, and roller cleaner simultaneously. The unique design sits comfortably in your hand and keeps paint out of the drain and in your tin, resulting in faster clean-up, less wastage and rollers that last longer.

Available in Black or Grey.

Manufactured in New Zealand from 100% recycled plastic, the Rolla-Wipa is easy to clean and won’t be damaged by thinners or solvents. Whether you’re a painting professional or just dabbling in some DIY, once you try the Rolla-wipa, you’ll never look back.

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