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Rolla-wipa™ saves time, money & paint

3 in 1 Painters Tool

Whether you’re a professional or a first time DIY painter, completing a home renovation or a new build, the new Rolla-wipa™ 3 in 1 painting tool allows you to open tins easily, stir the paint right round the edges and clean your paint roller efficiently, increasing your productivity. You’ll get more paint back in your tin and less down the drain. Better for the environment and for your pocket.

Save time, money and paint with Rolla-wipa™.

How to use the Rolla-wipa

1. simply hold roller with one end in the paint tray

2. Push the Rolla-wipa down the roller sleeve at a 30 degree angle

3. Turn roller and repeat until no more paint can be removed

4. With 77% of paint removed you can now easily wash the sleeve in appropriate cleaner, i.e.. water, turpentine, thinners etc.

The Rolla-wipa can be used for removing anything you apply with a roller, such as stains, polyurethane, glues, oils, and ink.

With something so simple to use, you’ll never want to clean another roller sleeve without one.

The benefits of using Rolla-wipa

  • Better for the environment – Reduces paint waste and uses less thinners and water
  • Wash up is easy after removing 77%* of paint from the sleeve
  • Increase productivity
  • Effective can opener and stirring stick
  • Save paint, time and money


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“The Rolla-wipa is the best thing I’ve brought for years. Great invention ~Makes cleaning up after painting a breeze”.


Diane Quin

New Zealand

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