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For frequently asked questions about the Rolla-wipa, please see below. If you have any further questions please send us a message.

General Questions

How will rolla-wipa save me time?

Because of Rolla-wipa’s cleverly designed curved shape, it covers more area of the roller sleeve’s circumference, thereby reducing the amount of time it takes to efficiently remove the excess paint. Because Rolla-wipa removes 77% (S.I.A. Global tested) of the paint in a roller sleeve, time is also saved in the rinsing process.

How will Rolla-wipa save me water?

After using a Rolla-wipa there is a smaller amount of paint left in the roller sleeve to clean out, resulting in a lot less water being used in the cleaning process.

How will Rolla-wipa save paint?

To give an example, from a 270mm roller sleeve with a 10mm nap the excess paint removed from the sleeve by using a Rolla-wipa equates to 200-250ml which can be put back in the tin. The amount saved in this example? Enough paint to cover one side of an average door.

How will Rolla-wipa save me money?

Every time you use Rolla-wipa, the amount of time, water and paint saved equates to a saving in money.

Additionally, because of Rolla-wipa’s unique, patented design of the working edge, paint is squeezed out of the pile of the roller sleeve, as opposed to being scraped out. This means that the fibres in your sleeve will not be damaged or pulled out (ending up in your paint). This keeps it in pristine condition. Regardless of whether you have invested in quality roller sleeves, or you’re using the less expensive type, not having to replace them regularly has long term savings benefits.


Why should I use a Rolla-wipa instead of a scraper or putty knife?

1. Efficiency

The straight blade of a putty knife/scraper only comes into contact with a very small area of the roller sleeve’s circumference, making the task of scraping the paint out of it slow and laborious.

In contrast, the Rolla-wipa is specifically shaped to fit just under half of a roller sleeve’s circumference. This allows you to apply even pressure over a large area with each pass down the length of the sleeve.

 2. Caring for your roller sleeves and your finish

A putty knife or scraper will scrape the sleeve, pulling out fibres. The loose material ends up in your paint and in turn will end up on your freshly painted surface. Not ideal.

Rolla-wipa’s design incorporates a working edge that is gentle on all roller sleeves, regardless of pile length or material, allowing longevity of the roller sleeve and a clean paint finish.

3. Less mess

The way most people hold and use a putty knife or scraper to clean a roller sleeves means that their hands are in close contact with the paint-laden roller. Often this leads to a reasonable amount of paint getting onto your hands.

When you hold a Rolla-wipa your hands are clear of the paint tray, so your hands don’t usually come in contact with the paint.

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